The Power of OM (AUM)

The whole of existence is a reverberation / vibration of energy. Everything down to the tiniest atom is vibrating at a certain frequency – we all have our own unique energetic vibration and frequency. It is said that where there is a vibration there is sound, and where there is a sound, there is creation.

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Self Love ~ The Most Important Relationship is the one we have with Ourselves

Often, when we think of our relationships, we tend to think of those we have with other people. But what about the relationship we have with ourselves? This in fact is THE most important relationship!Taking time for yourself, caring for and loving yourself is not selfish – it is necessary for a balanced, healthy, fulfilling

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Grounding & Embodied Awareness

I recently co facilitated a workshop on this subject… I have gone through long periods of my life feeling literally “disconnected” from myself and an extreme sense of un– ease, dis-concertedness with my life and circumstances. I felt very disconnected and dissociated from myself on a physical level, emotional and spiritual level, particularly during my

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Perimenopause & Menopause

Yoga to naturally support the transition & initiation in every womans life The perimenopause (the phase leading up to menopause) is a period of transition for your body and life stage.  It can last up to 10 years before the complete stop of your periods (menopause) and during this time many women experience symptoms such

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