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The word “Amrita” is Sanskrit and its literal translation is “immortality” – often referred to as “nectar” or “elixir”  of immortality.

Taste the nectar of life and wellbeing and realise the overflowing cup of untapped, limitless potential within you.

"Empowering women to live happier, healthier lives through bringing balance, peace & alignment to mind, body & soul"

Offering the following to support and empower you in your own healing and spiritual journey:-

I promote a holistic approach which looks at the person as a whole – mind, body, and soul to bring lasting health, wellness, spiritual growth, mental and emotional balance to your life.


Known as the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda is a holistic and ancient system of traditional Indian medicine and way of life for prevention of dis-ease and disharmony of body and mind.

It can be translated as the “science and wisdom of life” (in Sanskrit, “Ayur” meaning life and “Veda” – “eternal truth”), and works on the holistic principle that the mind and body are inextricably linked. It helps us bring balance and harmony within ourselves and the world around us, through understanding our individual constitution and sensitivities and enables us to make the right life style choices according to this.

Ayurveda gives us the tools and knowledge to unlock this power within ourselves, whilst using natural plant based herbal remedies and supplements for healing.

Sadhana – Daily Spiritual Practice

Having a daily spiritual practice, or “Sadhana” is like the steady presence or lighthouse, – the inner light within –  amidst the stormy sea of life, which helps support us, illuminate and guide our way through.

It is a very broad term and encapsulates every aspect of one’s life.  It is a means to living life with greater awareness, becoming more conscious so that every aspect of life is performed consciously, with pure intention and thus becomes a sadhana, an act of devotion.


“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”

~ Bhagavad Gita ~ 

Reconnect to your soul’s true essence and purpose through the spiritual practice of yoga as a lifestyle choice.

Yoga is a science of right living and most effective when fully integrated in our daily lives alongside with Ayurveda which complements and supports our practice and life in a holistic way.

The word Yoga means “unity” or “oneness” and is derived from the Sanskrit word “yug” which means “to join” or “union”.  This unity (of human consciousness with the divine as well as one another) is needed now more than ever across our global, planet earth community.

Holistic Therapies

Yoga & Ayurveda are holistic practices, and therapeutic in themselves, however in addition to and in support of these I offer several other therapies, that I am trained in.  These include:-

Energy Medicine

  • Metaphysical Anatomy (MAT)
  • Reiki

Coaching & Guidance 

  • Compassionate, intuitive counsel, coaching & guidance 
  • Limitless Living – A spiritually grounded Coaching Program, using guided imagery & meditation techniques.

Amrita at a Glance


“Corinne has given me further insight into my healing journey. I have previously done a lot of ground work myself but she offered me so much more in terms of knowledge & support. She is empathetic, listens intently & really puts time & effort to meet the individual needs of the client. I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Corinne takes her time with you & felt important & heard. It has really opened up further questions & possibilities on this journey of healing & what I am experiencing. Thank you so much! "
dahlia, flower, plant-8587940.jpg
Kim, UK
NLP & Breakthrough Coaching Client
“Dear Corinne, it was really a pleasure to be your client, as you took my healing journey very smoothly. The safe space that you were holding was really sacred and helped me to open up completely with a lot of trust. Thank you for being such a wonderful coach."
Rinku Gupta
NLP & Breakthrough Coaching Client
"Gratitude for the Limitless Living Coaching sessions that you gifted me. I am grateful for the gentle space of allowance you offered me to feel myself and express and release my buried emotion and expressions. You lead each session with grace an held space for me to go deeper into the core and helped me release all with ease. Receiving your sessions was like a soothing balm to me and post sessions, synchronicity's are taking place. I can feel the calmness within as if there is nothing left to forgive. All is forgiven. All is done. Just FLOW... Receiving healing from you, indeed is a blessing for anyone. I wish you divine grace and abundance to flow. May you touch the lives of many."
Priyanka Pandey, India
LL coaching program client
"I have just completed the Limitless Living transformation program, during which I have been on an incredible journey of discovery, forgiveness and gratitude and this is only the start. Taking the time to put these practices into my daily routine is having boundless benefits. By taking the time to honour this commitment to myself I have opened my eyes, heart and soul to the higher purposes in my life and for this I am forever grateful. Corinne has been an inspirational support. Her ability to guide you through the process in what seems like an effortless way is admirable. Her calm approach is filled with kindness and love. After each session with her there is a clarity of purpose and a spring in my step. She makes you feel like there's all the time in the world to explore the feelings and emotions that arise and is a very intuitive guide." Laura Burrow, LL client
Laura Burrow, England, UK
LL coaching program client
"Corinne is an experienced and intuitive yoga teacher who teaches in the true spirit of 'yoga as union with God / higher self'. I have recently been doing one-to-one yoga with Corinne because I have been having a very difficult time with stress and high blood pressure - it has really helped! I hadn't used Zoom before and was a bit unsure about how good it would be online but it was fine. What makes Corinne's teaching stand out from other yoga classes I've been to (I've been to many) is the authenticity, power in subtlety and constant connection to the spirit. The poses are just at the right level to nurture and nourish my body. The incorporation of pranayama and sacred mantras leave me feeling light and connected. Thank you, Corinne, it is a comfort and blessing to have you in my life."
Monica Chatterjee (London, UK)
Yoga Student & Therapy Client
"I highly recommend Corinne and the LL programme to anyone who feels stuck. Through Corinne’s guidance, wonderful meditations and daily flow practice we gently explored beliefs and where needed, delved deeper, releasing buried emotions. Some of which were deep and uncomfortable. Having worked through these connections I feel much lighter, confident and empowered. Awakening a desire to live a greater purpose. What came through was so powerful, I needed time to process and explore energy further. Since completing the training my exploration has continued and I am very grateful to Corinne for her continued love, support, kindness & patience."
flowers, meadow, beautiful flowers-276014.jpg
Ginny Renwick, Wiltshire, UK
LL Coaching Program Client
"Thank you for the beautiful guided meditation. I have listened to it daily and found your message so healing and sincere. I have really benefitted from the emotional healing combined with the meditation. Thank you so much. I wish you a day full of laughter, happiness and love"
Emily Clancy, UK
Metaphysical Anatomy (MAT) Client
"I have recently completed the Limitless Living program and it has been a really transformative journey for me. After the first session I already began to feel a shift in the way I was thinking from my head to more of a soul connection, which was so liberating and gave me a whole new way of looking at my life. This gave me a renewed energy and zest for life and I found myself wanting to bake and exercise again, which is something I hadn’t done for a while. The most wonderful thing (about the LL program) is that I have discovered my truest deepest purpose. Knowing this has absolutely changed my life and where I am directing my energies. I have made some changes to my work and home life to ensure that I am meeting the needs of this purpose and it has made so much difference to my happiness and satisfaction with life. I highly recommend Corinne and the Limitless Living program to anyone who feels stuck in any areas of their life."
Emily Clancy, UK
LL Coaching Program Client
"I trust Corinne with all my heart and am inspired by her spiritual growth and depth of practice.  Corinne is a true healer who does her work with no trace of ego which meant that when she gave me Reiki treatments, I could deeply relax and open up to the beautiful Reiki energy that she was channelling."
Monica Chatterjee, UK
Reiki & Energy Medicine Client
"I have just finished the Limitless Living Program. Previously, I was not very confident about my opinion and actions. I always felt in a dilemma about every small thing but after our meetings my whole life has changed. I am so calm and can respond in tough situations. I am so confident and every little thing has become quite effortless. I am energetic throughout the day and each day is becoming a step towards my ultimate goal – on which I have more clarity. I am so grateful to Corinne, I felt listened to from the heart, she has deep understanding of emotions without any judgement. God bless u I thank the Universe for sending me all the love."
Anubha Chandra, India
LL Coaching Program Client
"I recently completed the Limitless Living program with Corinne. She was very good at making me feel at ease quickly in the beginning. The whole process was very intuitive and I have been able to see some of the part's of myself in a different way. As a result I have really felt the benefits. I am sure in time as I'm integrating some of the other practices Corinne has shared with me, the benefits will continue to increase. I am grateful for this connection and the support it has brought me at this time. Thank you"
Julie Barnes, England, UK
LL Coaching Program Client
"My journey with Corinne started from being quite overstressed after a period of sickness, including Covid. I felt I needed just that stepping back into relaxation to be able to work myself out of the sickness, back into health where i wanted to be. I was also not sure whether any mental/emotional blocks were holding me back in my healing process.  From the beginning Corinnes calm demeanour and her soothing tone of voice really helped me to calm down. While processing what was keeping me stuck, she had patience, gave support and excellent counseling. I noticed that i had myself decided to not shy away from anything that came up for me this time. Not to protect myself and also not in the face of my practitioner. Corinne made me feel i could do that, so i did. She was there all the way, offering her support and confidence to welcome all that was there and the faith that all can, and is safe, to be heard and processed. And it was. I feel now, after 3 weeks, more energetic. I have felt more confidence in staying connected to myself in conflicts and other difficult situations. My asthmatic reactions to environmental irritants have reduced. More over i was able to connect to a deep feeling of love, lightness of being and joy, something that had become hard to do. Thank you Corinne!
flower, water lily, pond-197197.jpg
Maria Carolina, India & Netherlands
LL Coaching Program Client
"Working with Corinne was an uplifting experience. She approached the process with deep sensitivity and understanding. I felt completely safe in expressing my innermost thoughts and even though some painful memories came up, Corinne gave me the space to explore these without me feeling overwhelmed and we always finished the session on a positive note. I found myself digging deep to find out what was missing from my life and with Corinne's help I created a powerful affirmation to use every day to keep me focused on what I want to manifest. I always felt that she was completely focused and present and I ended the last session feeling hopeful for the future and clear about what is most important to me. I would highly recommend working with Corinne if you get the opportunity."
mandala, floral ornament, pattern-2734015.jpg
Helen Saunders, England, UK
LL Coaching Program Client
"I have been having some early morning  classes with Corinne and it’s been such a  fantastic way to start my day.  Corinne’s energy gives her classes a calm, nurturing and unhurried feel. Its great  knowing you have got a personally tailored class so specific  to your needs.  I have a problem with my lower back and  the classes were tailored taking this into  account.  The class felt it was taken at a pace that  was comfortable and focused on what I  was able to do and achieve. I’ve never had online yoga classes before but once the  computer was set up, it was easy to hear  and feel that we were close to one another making the whole thing flow effortlessly. I also like the way when we’re talking  Corinne takes such special care to listen  and think about what I’m saying.  To have this contact with someone at this  time who I feel is very intuitive, spiritual  and open is a great comfort. I’m very happy with my whole experience  and highly recommend."
Alan O'Shea, England, UK
Yoga Therapy Student
"I couldn’t leave India without giving yoga a try! In our 1h 30min class, I learned that yoga is not only the practice but a healthy and balanced way of living. It was the perfect way of starting the day! For sure I would search and learn more and the Ebook seems like the perfect starting point. Thank you very much for the opportunity!"
Ines Figueiredo, Portugal
Yoga Student
"I would like to thank you for how helpful you have been in relieving me of my age-long backpain through sessions of Aromatherapy and reiki. The sessions that I have had have been a blissful experience and I am really grateful for helping me with your healing touch and counselling sessions. I would strongly recommend her treatment. Namaste"
Jibin Joy, India
Aromatherapy & Reiki Client

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