“My Heartfelt Offering Is To Empower women in their own healing journey, to find their purpose and reach their fullest potential.”

Sharing, Yoga, Ayurveda, Holistic Therapies & Principles as a Way of Life

Holistic Approach

The benefits of a holistic approach are many, not least: –

  • The person is seen and treated as a whole – mind, body, and soul to bring lasting health, wellness, spiritual growth, mental and emotional balance to your life.
  • Ongoing support and guidance, you are consulted every step of the way.
  • Different healing modalities and options to support you which are, gentle, non-invasive, and natural.
  • You are seen as a person, and an individual and not an ailment or condition.

Private one to one sessions.
It is important that you feel completely comfortable and at ease with me and able to communicate openly. There should be rapport and resonance between us. Which is why I offer an initial no obligation free of charge, 20 minute consultation to discuss your needs, expectations and how we can work together.

Ayurvedic consultation and guidance sessions

I strongly believe that our body is a temple.  It should therefore be loved and nurtured accordingly.

  • I take an Ayurvedic based approach, in which a full consultation is carried out, your “constitutional type” or “dosha”, general lifestyle, and diet are reviewed and analysed.  Individual needs, circumstances and health concerns are also reviewed and taken into account.  Based on this, advice, recommendations and support are tailor made for you personally.
  • Herbal remedies, supplements, treatments and oils for healing, and improving overall vitality, health and wellness may also be recommended.
  • I can also offer aromatherapy, massage and yogic techniques to help benefit, nurture, nourish and heal the physical body.

Holistic lifestyle, wellness, spiritual coaching and intuitive guidance sessions

A shift in consciousness has been happening here on earth at an individual and collective level for some time. 

This is not an easy transition or path for many and can go on for many years.  Recent times are accelerating these shifts as we transition to higher levels of consciousness and awareness.  This is meaning many are experiencing periods of turbulence, major transitions and changes in their lives without the tools or understanding to support them through these unsettling times.

As a spiritual guide and mentor, with a background in modern psychology, and ancient Indian knowledge, tools and practices of Yoga, Ayurveda, weaved with Vedic counselling.   I support those on the path to awakening, to help bring understanding, acceptance, clarity and deeper meaning, through connecting with your true self and purpose.


Yoga Sadhana

I would like to share with you my knowledge of this yoga practice through either:-

  • Individual one to one Yoga lessons
  • Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) is shared, unique adaptations given where appropriate depending on clients’ background, needs and health requirements.

Sacred mantra(s) shared. A minimum package of 6 sessions are required for this initially. Ongoing guidance and support will also be given as necessary via phone, email or whatsapp.  (Strong commitment to a spiritual path, life style change and disciplined daily practice is required for this.)

  • Full mentorship program in which full Ayurveda consultation is carried out, and doshic constitution is determined. Based upon this, advice and recommendations are given on diet, lifestyle and herbs to support your type and any imbalances identified.     
  • Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) is shared, appropriate to and depending on clients’ needs and doshic constitution. Sacred mantra(s) shared. Ongoing guidance and support given as necessary via phone, email or whatsapp.

N.B – Strong commitment and dedication is required for this program to one’s own personal growth, ongoing spiritual practice, path and evolution.  With strong discipline for daily practice and integration into one’s lifestyle in order to receive the full benefits and nectar of this offering – recognising that Yoga is beyond simply “a practice” – rather it is a way of life.

“In collaboration with you I teach & share these practices weaved with supporting holistic therapies, and ongoing guidance and support as appropriate”