The Importance of Drinking Water


I can’t emphasise enough how important drinking enough fresh, clean water is to our overall health and wellbeing. However this too should be in balance and not in excess.

A huge percentage of our bodies – approximately 70%+ – are made up of water. Forgetting to drink or not making it a priority is not an option! The recommended daily amount is 8 large glasses a day but this can vary depending on how hot it is, how much physical exercise you are doing, your diet and so on.  Note, that it is always best to choose good quality mineral water.


Here are some of the benefits of staying well hydrated:

*Relieves fatigue – it stops us feeling sluggish and boosts energy.

*Helps with and can prevent headaches and migraines

*Boosts immune system

*Improves mood

*Aids digestion and constipation

*Increases mental alertness

*Helps flush out every day toxins from the body. (This is especially important following a massage, aromatherapy or reiki treatment. Or if doing any kind of “sadhana” (spiritual practice) – As increased circulation and movement as well as shifts and recalibration of energy can speed up the detoxification and healing process.)

*Helps skin stay hydrated, therefore helping to prevent signs of aging, keeping skin looking smooth and supple. Improves the complexion.



Ways to help ensure you get enough water and stay well hydrated:

*Always carry a refillable bottle with you. Ideally glass or metal.

*Boil water, preferably distilled, let it cool a little, and then pour into a small, stainless steel flask. Small sips (never gulp down your water) should be taken frequently throughout the day. Hot water reduces toxicity/impurities in the tissues and is very good for digestion and weight loss. It is balancing to the physiology of all body types and is a general cleanser and purifier of the body. Add fresh ginger, lemon or peppermint for extra flavour, and additional detoxing benefits, if desired.

*  If you are sweating intensely through working out, on very hot days, or experiencing dehydration symptoms such as headache or light-headedness, electrolytes are also important – to ensure balance in our systems as well as adequate absorption.  Coconut water is a wonderful natural electrolyte, however if you cannot get this simply take a lemon and squeeze into a large glass of water, add a good pinch of Himalaya salt or other natural rock salt with a half to one teaspoon of jaggery powder or coconut sugar.  I also like to add fresh mint leaves for extra taste as well as cooling properties on hot days. Always opt for natural home made rather than packaged sodas or energy drinks which are usually loaded with processed sugar, additives and other nasties.

* According to Ayurveda one should always drink in a sitting position rather than standing.  This also assists with proper assimilation and absorption into our systems.

* Upon waking (before sadhana or any activity/ taking food etc), drink half a litre to 1 litre slightly warm or normal temperature.

*Remember herbal teas also count!

* Most of your liquid intake should happen in the first part of day and become less in the evening time.

*Learn to listen to the body, how it feels and its needs – then you will naturally be in a rhythm and will not forget or become unnecessarily dehydrated, nor will you drink excessively.

* Remember not to drink water at least half an hour before food and ideally 1 hour after food as this can water down digestive juices and enzymes and inhibit effective digestion and assimilation of nutrients from the food.

* If you do need to drink while eating take small quantity of buttermilk, fruit juice or lemon water.

*Add mint leaves, slices of lemon, orange or cucumber to add a refreshing twist, and make a change from plain water. – This is also great when detoxing!

*Young Living vitality range (food grade) oils can be added to water for flavour and other health benefits, depending on the essential oil you choose. Some of my favourites include lemon, peppermint and thieves. Remember to just use 1 drop to a large glass or bottle and never mix or store in plastic or copper bottle or container. (If in doubt or if you have any underlying health concerns always consult with your health care practitioner, Doctor first).


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