Autumnal spiritual reflections

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The change in season as autumn sets in, the leaves change colour and fall, in such a breathtakingly spectacular, transitional and transformative display of colour, texture & natural beauty. Rustling sounds on the breeze, whisper softly, speak reflections of spirit.

Remind one of the inevitable changes in life – the ebb and flow of the tide on our moods, feelings, life events and changes. Nothing ever really remains still.

Yet our underlying essence within, the all pervading constant presence within and that which is the universe itself, is eternal.

As the change in season evokes feelings of letting go, of entering into the next phase and uncertainty of what that will bring. It is important to take time to reflect and take stock of all that we have, all that we no longer need. That which maybe needs shedding – our metaphorical leaves so to speak. So that we can move into a new version, a new truth, perhaps one that was lying dormant and already there all along.

To contemplate all that are we grateful for, to all the experiences which have shaped and led us to this point here and now, on the ever winding path. To look back to that which has passed and forwards to that which we now want to step into.

To consider what it is that is really important to us and how we can really live in alignment with that. What is it that our soul is really longing for? What actions we can take practically, however small to reach where we want to be?

The shifts in energy as Vata (represented by the elements air and ether) is prevalent at this time can feel unsettling and leave one feeling anxious. Grounding practices can help us deal with this imbalance are essential.
Take time to go out in nature and connect with her wisdom. It is equally important to take time for yourself to be still like a tree and go within, listen to what you need. To the sound of your Soul – the answers, though may appear hidden, are already there.

And just like a tree that sheds its leaves every year – Yet the roots, the depths of wisdom, are a constant, serving throughout lifetimes and cycles of change.
Know that there is something within you that has the ability to stand tall, that is innate and all pervading, which can support and nurture you through each season, transition and change in life.

Have faith, connect with yourself, connect with nature. Listen, to the stillness of the soul – the truth that lies within.

Hari Om

With love and blessings